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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a natural method of health care, advocating a non-invasive, drugless, non-surgical approach to the treatment of patients. Dr. Irwin Mulnick views each individual patient as an integrated being and focuses on their overall health and well-being.


Chiropractic theory addresses the concept of the spinal column housing the spinal cord and therefore the nervous system which affects the entire body. A spinal misalignment or dysfunction can adversely affect the working of the nervous system and therefore the overall health of the individual. Spinal manipulation, or an "adjustment", is a gentle technique used to restore function and reduce pain and inflammation in the spinal joints. Spinal manipulation may also be used as a treatment for painful and dysfunctional joint problems related to the extremities (ie; foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder). Additional modalities such as nutritional support, physiotherapy and exercise may also be incorporated.

Dr. Irwin provides advanced spinal correction utilizing gentle, safe and effective chiropractic techniques. Joint manipulation has been shown to be safer and more effective than various other treatment techniques. He also incorporates other treatment techniques (ultrasound, electric stimulation, hot/cold packs, cold laser therapy, etc.) to help improve treatment outcome.


Dr. Irwin has years of training and a wealth of experience in spinal and extremity joint manipulation.

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