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"For over 3 years, I suffered from chronic headaches and severe migraines.  I went to my family doctor and then a neurologist and after many tests and numerous medications, I still had no relief.

After discussing my symptoms and conducting a thorough exam, Dr. Mulnick suggested an integrated program of treatment utilizing gentle chiropractic spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, nutrition counseling, and exercise and postural rehabilitation.

In the 8 weeks I’ve been receiving treatment, my formerly-daily headaches have significantly gone down in severity and I’ve only had 2 migraines.  Prior to treatment, I used to have daily headaches and a migraine at least twice a week, lasting 4-7 days.

I was pleased with all aspects of my treatment – from the time spent with me to my actual treatments – but I especially appreciated the concern I received on my progress.  I like knowing someone cares as much about my relief and being pain-free as I do!"

C.P. - Age 29


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"Before I visited Back Country Chiropractic & Wellness Center, I was having horrible back pain and vertigo, and I was gaining a lot of weight. I tried a bunch of pain medications and various supplements with no relief. I sought treatment with Dr. Irwin Mulnick.


The chiropractic manipulations that he performed on my back have helped so much with the pain. My back feels much more stable and the pain has decreased to a tolerable level that allows me to have a more positive outlook on my life. In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Irwin Mulnick offered me diet and nutrition counseling and encouragement.


I am now exercising more and trying to cut back on my sugar intake. When asked if I would recommend Back Country Chiropractic & Wellness Center to others, my answer is "YES!" Dr. Irwin Mulnick and Staff are so understanding and they care about my everyday life. It is definitely worth taking the time to seek treatment there!"


M.T. - Age 22

Back Pain & Vertigo
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" I was involved in a skiing accident that impaired my shoulder and arm movement and left me with major back and neck pain. I sought treatment at Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center and was amazed at the results.


In the beginning, I received chiropractic manipulation on a regular basis for my back and neck. As these areas healed, I began to feel better and received treatments less often until I was able to maintain these areas on my own. It is amazing to not have constant back and neck pain!


Dr. Irwin Mulnick also treated my shoulder using ultrasound, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation exercises. When I first injured my shoulder/arm, I felt sure that I was going to need some kind of surgery. I had no idea that it was possible and was quite impressed that my shoulder injury healed using only natural supplements and the therapy techniques which Dr. Mulnick provided!"


M.B. - Age 36

Shoulder Injury
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"I was recently treated at Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). After receiving some dental work and oral injections, I was unable to open my mouth wider than one inch (or less).


I sought treatment with Dr. Irwin Mulnick and after several treatments, my jaw slowly began to function and return to normal. The treatments I received at Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center included pressure treatments and manipulations, focused jaw exercises, and heat/cold therapy. The methods used benefitted me greatly and helped improve my overall health as well.


The natural approach and non-invasive treatments allowed my body to relax and heal itself rather than having the symptoms masked with medication. The treatments on my jaw also released built-up tension that I was holding throughout my body due to stress. I was holding a lot of the stress from my jaw in my shoulders, back and neck.

I would highly recommend Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center to others and I have already done so many times. At Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center, you are treated as a friend who has come for help!


I feel that that the quality of care, time spent with patients, and the manipulations and treatments are all an integral part of a good practice and Dr. Irwin Mulnick is excellent at delivering all of these things. Processes are explained and the expected outcome is made clear. It was evident to me that Dr. Irwin Mulnick had a high knowledge of the way the body functions both in good health and with injuries and knew how to help the body to reconnect the correct signals to help heal itself."


J.D. - Age 64

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"I participated in the FirstLine Therapy 12 Week Nutrition Program offered through Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center. I derived great benefits from the program, including better health, weight loss, more consistent exercise, more energy and lower blood pressure.


It was a great program! Unfortunately for me, after about a year, I began to go back to my old ways and have lost many of the gains I had made health and weight wise. However, the knowledge is still there and I definitely recommend the FLT Program to others and stress the importance of continued accountability for lasting benefits!"


A.S. - Age 57

Nutritional Counseling

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